Director Dayyan Eng Featured in Variety

Director Dayyan Eng is taking a different approach to succeeding in the entertainment industry by working within the mainland Chinese system, which is currently the fastest growing market in the business.

Eng is worldly and cultured. He was originally born in Taiwan, but was then raised in Seattle, Melbourne and Macau, and eventually moved to Beijing for his college years.  His cosmopolitan background is evident in his work.  Unlike many traditional Chinese films, Eng focuses on contemporary reality rather than historical drama.

His latest film, INSEPARABLE, stars Kevin Spacey and Daniel Wu.  The film made its international debut at the 2011 Busan Film Festival and is recognized as the first all-Chinese financed film to feature a Hollywood star in the lead role.

Eng’s next film will be an action movie that’s slated to shoot next year in Hong Kong. For the in-depth feature on Dayyan Eng in Variety, please click here.