Asad Ayaz, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Live Action/Marvel, Walt Disney Studios

Asad Ayaz HeadshotAsad Ayaz
Senior Vice President, Marketing, Live Action/Marvel, Walt Disney Studios

As Marketing Brand Lead for Disney Live Action, Marvel and LucasFilm, Asad Ayaz oversees the planning, development and execution of global marketing campaigns for Walt Disney Studios, Marvel Studios and LucasFilm releases. In this role, Asad is responsible for creation of marketing and messaging strategy, positioning and tactical development for each film’s advertising campaign. Working across marketing platforms, Asad’s role encompasses managing an effective campaign and integrated brand identity for each film. Developing marketing objectives based on creative ideas, consumer insights and research, Asad is responsible for ensuring targeted marketing plans, managing filmmaker relations and driving global box office success for each release.

Prior to his current role, Asad oversaw the Global Marketing Strategy team serving Disney Live Action, Disney Animation and Pixar Animation theatrical releases. Asad has also worked in the Global Brand Marketing team at Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, overseeing brand strategy and campaign management for multiple product lines. Asad’s ten year tenure at Disney spans experience in international and domestic marketing, commercial planning, and trade marketing. Prior to Disney, Asad managed the Business Strategy group at CRA RogersCasey, developing marketing and distribution plans for multiple Fortune 500 clients.

Asad holds a Masters degree from the University of Southern California, and a Bachelors from Bennington College.