John Woo
Director, Producer

John Woo´s illustrious career as a filmmaker began in Hong Kong with experimental films he made at the age of nineteen, and entry-level positions in the film industry there. He spent over two decades at the center of a thriving film industry, directing over twenty–six feature films. He was known primarily as a comedy specialist until the mid–1980s before creating a series of inspired romantic and violent gangster dramas that broke box–office records.
In 1983, Mr. Woo began a successful partnership directing actor Chow Yun–Fat with the gangster films, A BETTER TOMORROW, A BETTER TOMORROW II and the comedy caper, ONCE A THIEF. Woo´s lush crime thrillers put him into film history books around the world; the most famous include the brilliantly choreographed, character–driven action films THE KILLER, HARD–BOILED, and BULLET IN THE HEAD. Mr. Woo´s first film for Hollywood was HARD TARGET.

His hit U.S. films include BROKEN ARROW, starring John Travolta and Christian Slater, THE BIG HIT, REPLACEMENT KILLERS, FACE/OFF, with John Travolta and Nicolas Cage, and of course MISSION IMPOSSIBLE II, which grossed over a billion dollars worldwide. His most recent film, the WWII movie WINDTALKERS, reunited him with FACE/OFF star Nicolas Cage. In 2002 Mr. Woo helmed the short film the hostage for BMW winning five Clio awards for the project. Mr. Woo’s most recent film PAYCHECK, an adaptation of a Philip K. Dick short story, is his first foray into the science-fiction genre.