The CAPE New Writers Fellowship discovers and nurtures emerging writers launching their careers in television and film. This unique, immersive Fellowship arms each participant with the practical and business knowledge they need to succeed as a professional writer in the entertainment industry. Each session is taught by top television and film writers, producers, agents, managers, and executives through a series of intimate panels and discussions. The Fellowship also offers a Writing Lab, which matches each Fellow with a high-level industry mentor to help them revise their scripts into professional-level writing samples to get them noticed and land that all-important first job.

The Fellowship runs from early March to mid-April with each Session and Writing Lab meeting weekday evenings for approximately 2 hours in the Los Angeles, CA area.

We’ve aligned the Fellowship to end shortly before NBC Universal’s Writers on the Verge Program begins its application season. CAPE New Writers Fellows will get a head start and expert preparation to put them in the best possible position to apply for NBC and other network writing programs.

Submissions for the 2018 CAPE New Writers Fellowship are now closed. Thank you for your interest and those who applied!

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BRIAN SHIN (TV Fellow 2017) is a writer and professional poker player from Ann Arbor, MI. He hates it when people talk about themselves in the third person but it’s too late now. Since graduating from the University of Michigan, he’s worked as a writers’ assistant for GRANDFATHERED, reported for the LOS ANGELES SPORTS JOURNAL, and wrote for KOREAN, a pop culture magazine for Asian Americans. He’s a proud alumnus of the CBS Diversity Showcase, CAPE New Writers Program, and is currently developing an animated feature for Pearl Studios (formerly Oriental DreamWorks).

KEN KOBAYASHI (TV Fellow 2016),  after graduating from the University of Michigan, moved to Tokyo where his experience working on the trading floor of an investment bank led him to write and direct his first short film. In 2013, he was accepted to USC’s MFA program where he was awarded the Jack Oakie Feller Fellowship to help build the school’s burgeoning comedy department. He currently works for Amazon Japan’s in-house creative agency as a commercial director where he has spearheaded several campaigns while building up the company’s internal production capabilities. He splits his time between Los Angeles and Tokyo.

TERESA HUANG (TV Fellow 2015) was raised to be a doctor but born to be an artist. A genuine MIT graduate, she gave up problem sets and thermodynamics to become a writer, actor, and producer. Teresa created and developed the one-hour drama THE BIG KAHUNA with CBS Television Studios and her original pilot CHILDREN OF EDEN was a Finalist in the Script Pipeline TV Writing Competition. She is a graduate of the CBS Writers Mentoring Program and was named a WGA Writer Access Project honoree. She recently wrote her first produced episode of television for SUPERSTITION on SYFY.

BO YEON KIM (TV Fellow 2015) participated in the prestigious CBS Writers Mentoring Program, as well as the CAPE New Writers Fellowship after earning an MFA in Screenwriting from UCLA’s School of Theater, Film and TV. In 2015, she was named an Honoree of the WGA West Feature Writers Access Project with her sci-fi feature script THE LAST ROCKET HOME. After learning all she can about sexy royal court hijinks on The CW’s REIGN, she is now an Executive Story Editor (with her writing partner Erika Lippoldt) on CBS All Access’s STAR TREK: DISCOVERY. 

ERIKA LIPPOLDT  (TV Fellow 2015) was raised in France by American parents and moved to the United States to pursue her love of science, completing a Ph.D. in Neurobiology at USC. Her true passion, however, lay in screenwriting, and along with her writing partner Bo Yeon Kim, Erika participated in the prestigious CBS Writers Mentoring Program as well as the CAPE New Writers Fellowship. After two seasons on The CW’s REIGN, for which they wrote their first produced television script, Erika and Bo Yeon are now writers on CBS’s STAR TREK: DISCOVERY.

ELIZA LEE (TV Fellow 2015) was educated in Canada and the Czech Republic and took a detour to Asia as a DP trainee before returning to her first passion: screenwriting. Eliza was a 2015 Outfest Screenwriting Lab fellow, a 2016 Sundance Asian-American Feature Film Fellow, and attended the Sundance Screenwriters Intensive that same year with her screenplay, A BEAUTIFUL LIE, about crime novelist Patricia Highsmith. Currently, Eliza has two television projects: her original TV series, RARE, inspired by her experiences as a teenage model; and an epic mini-series starring Steven Yeun (THE WALKING DEAD). Eliza’s feature, MAYBE TOMORROW, about rock legend Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders, is being produced by Michelle Sy (FINDING NEVERLAND). With this script, she also went through the CAPE 2015 Film & TV Fellowship.

EUGENE RAMOS (TV Fellow 2015) earned a degree in 16th-century British Lit from Northwestern University. He later graduated from Columbia University with an MFA in Film. He has participated in the Clarion Science Fiction Writers’ Workshop, Film Independent’s Project Involve, and the Hamptons Film Festival’s Screenwriters’ Lab. His TV spec scripts for HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, SUPERNATURAL, and THE BIG BANG THEORY have placed in several competitions. His romantic-comedy screenplay, NEWTON’S LAWS OF EMOTION, won the Sloan Filmmaker Prize at the Tribeca Film Festival and a Gold Prize in the PAGE Awards. Because of his love for the Bard and science fiction, Ramos has earned the nickname The Sci-Fi Shakespeare Guy.

KEVIN LAU (Feature Fellow 2015) is a writer and director born and raised in Los Angeles to working-class, immigrant parents. A Regents Scholar at UCLA, Kevin honed his craft in music and photography before dedicating his artistic pursuit to filmmaking. A former theatrical film distributor and film festival programmer, Kevin left California to pursue his filmmaking ambitions at Columbia University’s MFA Film Program. Kevin recently penned a miniseries about the life of Hollywood’s first Asian-American star–Anna May Wong–for Emmy-nominated actress Lucy Liu, and is currently developing a television series with Tony-Award-winning playwright David Henry Hwang. He’s been awarded the Sony Pictures Television Diverse Directors Program Fellowship, the CAPE New Writers Fellowship, and most recently, the HBOAccess Directing Fellowship where he directed a digital pilot (F**KED UP) that will premiere on HBOGo and HBONow in 2017.

TIFFANY SHAW HO (TV Fellow 2015) was raised outside Washington D.C. on Chinese soap operas and Hollywood classics, developing a lifelong passion for storytelling. She found her voice through drawing and painting, and after graduating from Cornell she pursued a painting apprenticeship in Taipei, Taiwan. While there, Tiffany realized she couldn’t just paint the world. She had to write stories about it. Tiffany will graduate from USC’s MFA program in Writing for Screen and Television in 2017. As a Taiwanese American who belongs neither here nor there, she writes dramas about outsiders wrestling with their identities.

MARISA TAM (TV Fellow 2015) grew up in Minnesota on a steady diet of LAW & ORDER, developing an enduring love for crime stories and dark drama. She headed west in 2013 to take part in UCLA’s inaugural Professional Program in TV Writing. Marisa was later selected as a TV fellow for the 2015 CAPE New Writers Fellowship and NBC’s 2015-16 Writers on the Verge. She joined NBC’s THE BLACKLIST in 2016 and is in her second season with the series. A recovering metal band drummer and onetime JEOPARDY! contestant, she is perpetually on the hunt for the best french fries in L.A.

JULIE WONG (TV Fellow 2015) was born in Germany to a Chinese American father and Japanese American mother, and television was Julie’s main connection to her American culture for the first years of her life. She spent years writing speeches and developing press conferences while serving as Deputy Mayor to L.A. Mayor Jim Hahn and managing communications for Senator Barbara Boxer and then-L.A. City Councilmember Eric Garcetti.  Then, she realized that she had stories of her own to tell. In addition to participating in the CAPE New Writers Fellowship, Julie completed the CBS Writers Mentoring Program.  She is currently a staff writer on GREY’S ANATOMY.

EVERLYN CHEN (Feature Fellow 2015) is finishing her first season on the road as Story Associate Producer for Fox’s HOTEL HELL. She will remain on the show through Post-Production finishing Spring 2016. Continuing her long standing relationship with Optomen/One Potato Two Potato that started with Bravo’s BEST NEW RESTAURANT as the company’s Office Manager, she moved to Development Story and Casting Research before being staffed last summer on the CBBC children’s program “MATILDA AND THE RAMSAY BUNCH. She thanks CAPE and its mentors for giving her the confidence and support system to maneuver through the industry may it be scripted or reality.

NIKHIL JAYARAM (TV Fellow 2014) is a Maryland native and Northwestern alum. He is currently a story editor on NBC’s hit SHADES OF BLUE after previously serving as a staff writer on drama THE MYSTERIES OF LAURA.  He was recently hired to write a film on the Kohinoor Diamond and sold a pilot to Super Deluxe, and he’s been selected for programs including NBC’s Writers on the Verge, CAPE New Writers Fellowship, the Disney/ABC Fellowship, and the CBS Writers Mentoring Program. Nikhil lives with his brilliant professor wife and their rescue pit bulls.  He enjoys suburban farming, basketball, drumming, strange workout routines, traveling, and self-improvement.

FREDERICK KIM (TV Fellow 2014 & CNWA TV Winner 2011) became a staff writer on the USA television series COMPLICATIONS, which premiered in summer 2015, after graduating from the CAPE New Writers Fellowship in 2014. His feature screenplay, CROSSED CURRENTS, is a throwback to classic Amblin films like BACK TO THE FUTURE and THE GOONIES.

DENNIS LUU (TV Fellow 2014) is a UCLA-trained thriller writer for film and TV. He has optioned a screenplay to producer, Teddy Zee (THE PURSUIT OF HAPPYNESS), and developed scripts with Quadrant Pictures and Sobini Films. His awards include: featured on the Black List, CAPE and Sundance Screenwriting Intensive fellow, and finalist at Tracking Board’s Launch Pad, Final Draft, ABC and CBS. He currently has two scripts in the top 25 at the Page Awards, THE LOOKING GLASS, about a young woman who is suddenly murdered and wakes up in another woman’s body only to be chased by the same killer, and WE ARE ADAM, best described as SLIDING DOORS meets WANTED, which follows a successful physicist who switches with his less ambitious self from a parallel universe to live the life he didn’t choose.

CHRIS WU (TV Fellow 2014) was born in Texas and raised by Taiwanese Methodist immigrant parents who emphasized studies in math and science. Chris went to Yale to become an economist and received his MBA at USC. It wasn’t until working in corporate finance that he decided he needed to follow his creative passion. His first foray into writing was as a reporter for the Yale Daily News, before he transitioned to short films and television pilots. In addition to being a graduate of the CBS Writers Mentoring Program, the CAPE New Writers Fellowship and a Finalist in the WB Writers Workshop, Chris has worked at WME, Fox Television Studios, and in the writers rooms of THE KILLING, THE FOLLOWING, THE EXES, BOSCH, and HAND OF GOD, where he shared a script story credit. He is currently a script coordinator on Amazon’s THE MAN IN THE HIGH CASTLE.

TOM WONG (TV Fellow 2013) is the eldest son of a traditional Chinese family and disappointed his parents early when he told them he would never be a doctor. Thomas earned a degree in English, then attended NYU School of Law. After a stint at a large New York law firm, Thomas transitioned to Manhattan real estate sales where he discovered not all sharks live underwater. Fed up with the rat race, Thomas moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming a television writer. He was recently staffed on THE DEEP END, BACKSTROM, and MINORITY REPORT. His pilot, QUEEN, is in development at FBC.

LEONARD CHANG (CNWA TV 1st Runner-Up 2010) finished up with JUSTIFIED this year, was a Creative Consultant on the FX pilot SNOWFALL, and sold two pilots. He also sold a new novel, THE LOCKPICKER (his eighth), scheduled for late 2016/early 2017 publication.

AARON HO (CNWA TV Winner 2009) got his start on THE TONIGHT SHOW WITH JAY LENO where he was often featured in sketches as the “token Asian guy” and regularly submitted jokes for Jay’s monologue. After his acceptance into the Disney ABC Television Writing Program, Aaron went on to write for COUGAR TOWN, GOOD LUCK CHARLIE, and most notably, AUSTIN & ALLY, where he wrote fifteen episodes during his four years on staff. Currently, Aaron is in active development with Nickelodeon and in the midst of writing a live-action sitcom pilot for the network. For more details about him and his work, visit